About the Track

Have you ever thought about what would happen if we put everything Jesus says in the Bible to the test? What does it look like if we step out and practice praying, healing, loving, and sharing the Gospel the way Jesus did?
This is basically what we will be doing: taking Jesus by His words. We want to learn from and with Him and we are excited to see what will happen! Like Peter who stepped out on the water on a word of Jesus, we want to step out in faith and believe that Jesus will show up when we do so!

During the track, we will study discipleship together and put into practice what we discover. We will practice and do evangelism and believe that as we step out God will meet us and people around us! Our desire is for you to discover together how we can intentionally follow Jesus in our everyday lives and to establish a discipleship- lifestyle that lasts beyond DTS! 
Three hours in the schedule every week are set aside for track time. And one week during the lecture phase we will travel to another location to meet people who have the same passion as us and to reach out using our gifts.



A Spring DTS Track