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Impact DTS is a unique DTS lasting for 9 months. 

We have a special focus on reaching youth and going to the unreached.

We want to empower you to deepen both your passion for youth ministry and activating young people into radical discipleship.


We want to see the nations transformed by the power of the gospel. Because of this, during your DTS we will travel around in Norway and to a country in Africa, Asia or South-America to see the great commision fulfilled.  

The first few months of the school include a variety of teaching weeks where we invite teachers from all over the world. All of our teachings are focused on taking you deeper in knowing God and equipping you to make Him known.

Some of our topics


God can speak? and I can hear his voice? We discover how real and intimate our God is.


We unravel the mysteries of the trinity. Who is the Holy Spirit and what is his purpose?


God is often described as our father. It is powerful to to understand what this truly means to us.


All of us play a part in the vision to reveal the gospel to every person in every nation. 


Your heart is key. How can God use us to glorify him, and what is the bigger picture of prayer?


How do you see the bible? Would you like to discover the life thats in those words? 


The big outreach is two months long

and is to  countries outside of Europe. The last years we have gone to countries like Colombia, India, Nepal, Tanzania and The Middle-East.


We believe that God has called us to give the good news to others, so that what has changed our lives will change theirs. 


This is a fantastic opportunity to stretch yourself

and to see God do great things!

We believe that all youth in Norway have the right to know what they were created for and that there is a God who desperately loves them.


Our heart is to imp-art, or pass on, what we have learned and discovered throughout the year. And then to act-ivate and call out what God has placed in the youth of Norway to make an,



God is moving among the youth in Norway and we want to partner with Him to be part of making a difference. During this phase of the school we will travel all around Norway to disciple and encourage youths where they are.


59 000 NOK

Price includes all costs for teachings, required books, meals, accommodation and travel expenses during the school.

Not included are potential expenses for visas and vaccinations.


Starts September





By sending in this form I accept

YWAM's privacy policy.