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The Impact Discipleship Training School is an incredible school filled with exciting content. Not only will you get teaching that will impact your life in an amazing way, you will also be able to travel all over Norway, go to Iceland and Montenegro, AND go on a two-month Mission Trip (Outreach) to a country in Asia, Africa or South-America!!

This DTS is what you could call “the full package”. As the school is a couple of months longer than most other DTS’s, you get more time to travel, more time to practice what you learn, and more time to reflect on all the things you experience.


Simply said: More of the good stuff! 

Do you want an
experience of a life time?

What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is an adventure diving deeper into what it means to be a disciple as you learn, go and travel to new places – together with new friends from all over the world.

Our greatest desire is that you will experience the love of God in such a way that you will never be the same again, and that you will discover more of His purpose for your life.

Lecture Phase

October – March

The first few months of the school include a variety of teaching weeks where we invite teachers from all over the world. All of our teachings are focused on taking you deeper in knowing God and equipping you to make Him known. Below are some examples of our teaching topics:

God can speak and I can hear his voice? We discover how real and personal our God is.

God’s Voice

God is often described as our father. It is powerful to understand what this truly means to us.

Father Heart of God

We unravel the mysteries of the trinity. Who is the Holy Spirit and what is his purpose?

The Holy Spirit

Learn to share Jesus in a relevant way and get a better understanding of the Great Commission.

Missions & Evangelism

Your heart is key. How can God use us to glorify him, and what is the bigger picture of prayer?

Worship & Intercession

How do you see the Bible? Would you like to discover the life that's in those words? 

God’s Word: The Bible

Our Tracks

We offer this Discipleship Training School with tracks you can choose between!

In between the teaching weeks you get time for your track.


Want to travel around in Norway and visit youth groups, boarding schools and camps? Enjoy beautiful nature, good company, and hang out with youth. We want to share God's love and see more youth in Norway follow Jesus!



Do you like coffee? Perhaps you dream of starting your own café, or just think it’s a great place to meet new people? Through this track, you will be part of the start-up of a new café in Skien! 



A 8 month long DTS with extra much travelling and outreach!


“A few years ago I went to Iceland. One late evening we went on a hike in the majestic mountain areas and ended up in one of the many hot springs at the top. The sky was filled with stars and spontaneously we started singing “How Great is our God”, as we were so in awe of God’s amazing creation. It was one of the most epic experiences ever!”


Jo Yngve, YWAM Skien staff


This could be your experience too! On Impact DTS we will go to Iceland to enjoy the beautiful nature, meet wonderful people, get teaching and practice what we learn. 


Incredible lakes, lagoons, waterfalls, glaciers & hot pools are just some of the things Iceland has to offer. We will experience some of that, and we even plan to go horseback riding! And maybe we get to see the Northern lights!

montenegro (3).jpg


In February of 2023, all staff and students of our base are going to Montenegro for a weeklong Mission trip. We are also bringing a bunch of other young people, so we will be a huge crowd going there! The Impact DTS will be joining this exciting time of sharing Jesus to the people of Montenegro. 


Montenegro is a small country with about 200 people who knows Jesus. About 90 % of Montenegro’s population has never seen or held a Bible. What if you could lead someone your own age to Jesus? What if we could be a part of seeing the nation of Montenegro coming one step closer to Him?


March - May

Iceland! Montenegro! Wait, there is more??! 

Oh yes, you actually get to go on two-month long mission trip to a country in Africa, Asia or South-America! In the last years, we have gone to countries like Colombia, Brazil, India, Nepal, and Tanzania.


This will not be the regular tourist experience, but a unique opportunity to go to places most people don’t go to, meet the local people and see and experience things few others get the chance to!


But why? 


We go on outreach to show God’s love to people in words and action. 


We have the simple belief that God can use anyone, experienced or inexperienced, to show His heart and be His hands to anyone who needs Him. Our experience is also that in giving we also receive, and in going we keep on growing.


This is a perfect opportunity to continue to practice what you have learned. 



Starts: October 2023

Ends: May 2024


The exact dates will come soon!


82 000 NOK* (Appr. 8000€)

For each friend you bring, each of you gets a 2000 NOK discount!

* Included in the price: All accommodation, food, and travel during the lecture phase and outreach phase, including travels to and from Montenegro, Iceland, and the outreach location.

Not included: Potential costs for necessary vaccines and 
visa for outreach. This amount can be anywhere between 0 and 7000 NOK, depending on the outreach location and which vaccines you already have. You need your own travel insurance. Flights to and from Norway at the beginning and the end of DTS are not included. We also recommend that you have spare money to use during DTS.

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More questions?
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