About the Track

On this track, you will learn to make amazing cappuccinos, and experience the joy of fresh hand brew. We will travel and visit coffee breweries around in Norway and see, taste, and learn.


At the same time, we will be connected to Blackbird Skien, a café and meeting place that is starting up in Skien this fall. We will witness a business start-up, and get to work behind the coffee bar, in the kitchen, and meat people.

This is a unique chance to join in on the first few months of a café! More about Blackbird: www.blackbirdskien.no. You don’t need any previous barista experience, but you should enjoy learning and working with coffee and food.

The track will be three hours a week. During this time you will get a barista course, get work experience at Blackbird, and be part of arranging an event at Blackbird with a focus on coffee and people.



An Impact DTS Track