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You are created for something more! 

Do you want to discover it? 

What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 6 month adventure diving deeper into what it means to be a disciple as you learn, go and travel to new places together with new friends from all over the world.

Our greatest desire is that you will experience the love of God in such a way that you will never be the same again, and that you will discover more of His purpose for your life.

DTS consists of three months of community living and lectures in our beautiful city of Skien, Norway. After this, you will go for eight weeks of outreach!

Take a look at one of our students experience of last year's DTS

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Spring DTS

Spring DTS

Timeline for Spring DTS 2023*

*Timeline for next year's school will come soon!


Lecture Phase

January – April

Lecture phase is designed for you to grow as a disciple, and contains two main ingredients: Getting to know Jesus deeper, and having community around you.


Every week of lecture phase has a specific theme with teachers who live out their message. Look forward to Biblical teaching that brings renewal to our minds and change to our hearts. You will also get to process the teaching in smaller groups and get personal follow-up. Lecture phase is also a time of worship, prayer, being practical, making new friends, talks around the table, experiencing Norwegian nature and reaching out to youth and other people. 

Our base is a charming, old, renovated prison and we are located in the middle of a small city. 

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Project Management Timeline Infographic Graph (1).png

Lecture Phase Tracks

We offer this Discipleship Training School with tracks you can choose between. Every week during the lecture phase there will be three hours with your track.


Music & Arts

We are not made to express worship in the same way, but to be creative in our unique way. God doesn't want us to just copy each other, but to awaken our creativity and passion. That is the exciting journey we want to take you on! Dive deeper into the creative pars that God has put in you.

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Word by Heart

The word of God is powerful and when we speak it life’s will be transformed. The Word brings truth, freedom and life. We want to meet Jesus face-to-face, hide his word in our hearts and share it with others in a unique way. Learn the stories of Jesus like you were an eye-witness!


Exploring My Bible

Is there a part of you that is curious about the Bible? Want a better understanding?
We want to take you through some of the overall story, and give you a few tools to explore the more weird, wacky and wonderful parts that you might not know what to do with.


Restore & Sustain

We want to take what God says in Genesis seriously. We believe that God has given us a beautiful responsibility - to steward his 
creation. We get to walk in it together with the Lord who created it. What a privilege! Come and explore how stewardship  of God's creation may look like!

Jesus' footsteps.png

Disciple Journey

Dive deeper. Go further. Explore what it means to really follow Jesus. Study God's word together and test out if his word is really reliable. Jesus said: «You will do greater things than I?», but is that really true? And if, so, how does it look like to live this way?


One week in February

montenegro (3).jpg

In February of 2023, we in Youth With a Mission Skien are planning to send 150 people on a mission trip to Montenegro. The Spring DTS will be joining this exciting time of sharing Jesus to the people of Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country with about 200 people who knows Jesus. About 90 % of Montenegro’s population have never seen or held a Bible. What if you could lead someone your own age to Jesus? What if we could be a part of seeing the nation of Montenegro coming one step closer to Him? 


Two and a half weeks in April 

For the last two weeks of lecture phase we will travel to Israel. We will learn more about Jesus and experience him in the very place where God started his great redemptive plan that eventually would affect all of us. Imagine standing in the very places Jesus himself stood - that's what we will experience together!


Our time in Israel will include a guided tour around many of the Holy sites in Jerusalem, where we will have teaching about Jesus! We will also celebrate the Sabbath together with Christians living in the city. 

PXL_20220401_144805334.MP (1).jpg
IMG_4114 (2).jpg


April – June

After three months of lecture phase, we are ready to go out on outreach. We go on outreach to give people Jesus and to practice what we have learned in the lecture phase.

We have the simple belief that God can use anyone, experienced or inexperienced, to show His heart and be His hands to anyone who needs Him. Our experience is also that in giving we also receive, and in going we keep on growing.

Outreach will go to one or two nations in a different culture, below on the map you can see where we have been since the start of our DTS.

Where we've been


Over the last years, we've travelled to many different nations to share God's love!
Exactly where we go for Outreach changes from school to school. In addition to the countries marked on the map, we've also been in the Middle East.

Meet the staff

Vegard Furuskjeg.jpg

Vegard Furuskjeg
DTS Leader

Ben Halsall.jpg

Ben Halsall

Eva Solvang Furuskjeg.jpg

Eva Furuskjeg
DTS Leader

Marcus Ekström

I am a staff in DTS because I hope to see many more be equipped to share Him with the broken world around us 

Macy Bergford.jpg

Macy Bergford

Beathe Angeltveit.jpg

Beathe Angeltveit

Julianne Zahl-Olsen.jpg

Julianne Zahl-Olsen
DTS Co-Leader

I am staffing the Spring DTS in Skien because I want to be a part of equipping people to live out the part they have in Gods big plan

Emily Schlueter.jpg

Emily Schlueter

I decided to become a DTS staff because I am passionate about seeing the Gospel transform people’s lives

Bennet Seick.jpg

Bennet Seick

I decided to come back as a Staff to seek God together and accompany each other in fellowship on the way

Abdiel Melgar.jpg

Abdiel Melgar

I want to help other people who are lost and confused about God's plan for them, just as I was, and together with God, help them discover their purpose and their being in God.

Photos from the 2022 DTS


 Starts: January 18th  2024

Ends: June 21st  2024

Application for next year's school is open!


79 000 NOK* (Appr. 7000€)

For each friend you bring, each of you gets a 2000 NOK discount!

* Included in the price: All accommodation, food and travels during lecture phase and outreach phase, including travels to and from Montenegro, Israel and outreach location.

Not included: Potential costs for necessary vaccines and visa for outreach. This amount can be anywhere between 0 and 7000 NOK, depending on the outreach location and which vaccines you already have.
 ​You need your own travel insurance. Flights to and from Norway at the beginning and the end of DTS are not included. We also recommend that you have spare money to use during DTS.

Visa information

This is a visa free school*

* You most likely won´t need a visa for the Spring DTS, since most nationalities are able to stay in Norway for up to 90 days without a visa. Check if this also applies to you hereIf your nation isn´t on the list above,  you´ll most likely need a visa to come to the DTS. Please contact us and we´ll help your through the process.  

More questions?

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