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What is a DTS?

Discipleship Training School (DTS) is a 6 month adventure diving deeper into what it means to be a disciple as you learn, go and travel to new places together with new friends from all over the world.

Our greatest desire is that you will experience the love of God in such a way that you will never be the same again, and that you will discover more of His purpose for your life.

DTS consists of three months of community living and lectures in our beautiful city of Skien, Norway. After this, you will go for eight weeks of outreach!

Spring DTS

Spring DTS


Lecture Phase

January – April

Lecture phase is designed for you to grow as a disciple, and we believe this has two main ingredients: Getting to know Jesus deeper, and having community around you.


Every week of lecture phase has a specific theme with teachers who live out their message. Check out the themes below! Look forward to Biblical teaching that brings renewal to our minds and change to our hearts. You will also get to process the teaching in smaller groups and get personal follow-up. Lecture phase is also a time of worship, prayer, being practical, making new friends, talks around the table, experiencing Norwegian nature and reaching out to youth and other people.

Our base is a really charming old, renovated prison and we are located in the middle of a small city. 


These are the teaching themes we have had the last few years, which can change slightly from year to year:

Hearing God's Voice – This changes everything. God wants to speak to me!

A Heart of Worship – What does giving God glory look like? Honesty, love and real life is key.

God's Big Story – What is the story of the Bible all about, and where do we come into the picture?

Father Heart of God – He created you, loves you and wants you to know Him as a good Father.

Relationships – Friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend, sexuality... How to deal with it?

Missional Lifestyle – Practical tools to reach your friends and simply following Jesus in everyday life.

Lordship – Surrendering everything to Jesus will cost you, but could it also be the way to most freedom?

Holy Spirit – The helper who wants to be your best friend. Will you let Him?

Jesus – What is actually the Gospel, and the Kingdom? We spend a week admiring and getting to know Jesus better.

Worldview – Deep questions asked about how we look at ourselves and the world we live in.

Identity– In a world of opinions, who labels you? Let yourself be defined by God, and Him only.

Missions – God's heart longs for people of all nations, tribes and tongues to know Him.



April – June

After three months of lecture phase, we are ready to leave the home base and travel abroad.


Can God use you? The answer is YES!


We have the simple belief that God can use anyone - experienced or inexperienced, to show His heart and be His hands to anyone who needs Him. Our experience is also that in giving we also receive, and in going we keep on growing.


We travel in teams, and we travel light – we often sleep in guest houses, in churches and similar places. We go on outreach to give people Jesus. But along the way, we also get to meet beautiful people, see spectacular sights and have a lot of fun! 

Outreach will go to one or two nations in a different culture, below on the map you can see where we have been since the start of our DTS.


After you return from outreach, you will have a week of teaching and fellowship in Skien before your great graduation party which will be 17th of June.


But hold on - DTS is not over! You are in for a treat, because June 25th we will attend an incredible one-day missions event in Norway's largest indoor stadium arranged by YWAM and other organizations. You can read more about THE SEND on this webpage.

Meet the staff

Vegard Furuskjeg
Frederik Melchiorsen
Eva Furuskjeg
Filip Andersen
Kristi Haavardsholm
Beathe Angeltveit

Our Tracks

We offer this Discipleship Training School with tracks you can choose between.

Every week during the lecture phase there will be three hours with your track.


Wendy Jaberg

– The Netherlands

«The 2 last months on outreach in Cambodia has shown me a different way of fellowship, by having deep and caring friendships that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life.»

Thirst for Life 2018 - Outreach to Cambodia

«DTS for me was life-changing. I've learned so much more about who God is, how He sees me, and I've received healing in so many ways!»

Håvard Trondsen

– Norway

Thirst for Life – Outreach to Ethiopia

Over the last years, we've travelled to many different nations to share God's love!

Exactly where we go for Outreach changes from school to school.

In addition to the countries marked on the map, we've also been in the Middle East.

Where we've been


 Starts > January 6 2022

Ends > June 26 2022


53 000 NOK

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