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About the Track

During this track, you get the possibility to inspire and share Jesus with young people in Norway and around the world with fellow students and staff. We want to activate them into a life with Jesus and show them what that can look like. But also show them how it is to live in a community with others and how important it is to have fellow believers around you.


Youth are at a stage of life full of important decisions to make and are trying to find their place in the world, where they are influenced by every side. We want to be a good influence by showing them what living a life with God looks like.  

Our vision is to build relationships with the youth around us and our heart is to impact their lives by showing their true identity in Jesus! We believe going to the youth is an important part of the great commission; To make disciples and share the good news with them.

The track will be for one week at a time, in between the teaching weeks of the DTS. We will travel to another location to be involved in youth ministry, boarding schools and/or youth events.  



An Impact DTS Track
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