About the Track

During this track you get the possibility to inspire and share Jesus with young people in Norway and around the world with fellow students and the staff. ​


Our vision is to build relationship with the youth around us and our heart is to impact their lives by showing their true identity in Jesus! 

Three hours in the schedule every week is set off for track time, where we also will be involved with youth groups, and one week during the lecture phase we will travel to another location to be involved in youth ministry and/or youth events. #exciting 

Track Leaders

Hallo, ey, hoi hoi and heisann! 


We are Peter from Germany, Amy from Canada, Leonieke from the Netherlands, and Delia from Germany. We are the leaders of this amazing track and are super excited! 


Most of us did Impact DTS last year and we are happy to run it as a track this spring. During our DTS we've seen so many youths coming to Jesus through worship, testimonies, prayer, and relationship – and that's something that we want to see continue. Not only in Norway – but all over the world! 


We believe in championing young people and see them make an impact. #Godisawesome #applynow 



A Spring DTS Track