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Lecture Phase

For 3 months we gather to absorb more of what God has for us. 

We believe Jesus is worthy of all our lives, so it is our desire that you will fall in love with Him as you discover what He has done for you. Finally, we desire that you will learn to know the Holy Spirit so that your life becomes an overflow of His power, freedom, and joy.

Lecture phase is designed to let your heart, mind, and soul go through a complete transformation. We desire that you will get to know the God who created the world and has a purpose for it as a good Father who knows and loves you intimately.

To make all this happen, we are flying in teachers to teach topics such as Father heart of God, Worship, Relationships, The Bible, Holy Spirit, Missions, Worldview, Lifestyle Evangelism, and much more. Of course, all teaching is Bible-based.


To make what you learn to go deeper, we have put into your schedule reflection time, group talks, and one-on-one mentoring. In addition to this, you will have lots of fun times as you get to live in an old, «cozy», renovated prison and make many new friends! Living in Skien, you have a short way from city life to beautiful nature. Welcome to our home! 

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