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About the Track

Become a storyteller of the greatest stories ever told!

In this track, we will discuss, debate, and meditate on Scriptures from all four Gospels, in order to find deeper meaning and understanding of the Bible. Through this, we will have an experience so deep that we will be able to re-tell the stories from the Gospels, word for word in our native languages — as if we, ourselves, were an actual eyewitness to the event!

Word by Heart is about experiencing Jesus through His Word. What if you had lived during Jesus’ time, and had actually walked the streets with him as one of his 12 disciples? What if you witnessed his miracles right before your very own eyes? How would this have affected your life, and the way you relate with the people/world around you? And how would you tell your friends about your experiences with Jesus? As we put ourselves into each of the stories found in the gospel, we begin to see Jesus in a whole new way — and become more like Jesus himself. Be prepared to be transformed through His Word.

Track Leader

Hi! My name is Nina, and I am from Germany. I have been with YWAM for 7 years traveling all over the world, before God called me to Skien, Norway, in 2019.


I always loved to hear a good story and I love to tell good stories. But some years ago, I moved on to a really good script; The Bible. The “Word by Heart”- School changed my view on the Bible and how to tell stories. Often, the Bible was a boring and incomprehensible book to me. With “Word by Heart” everything changed. The Bible came alive and active in my life, and I experience the power of the Word of God. It transformed my life.

One of the most wonderful things I experience with Word by Heart, was when I was able to share these stories with people, and seeing their hearts touched and lives transformed by the Word of God.


There is a depts to the Word, when you go eye to eye with Jesus and hiding the Word in your heart. What we have that’s what we can give, and Jesus is the greatest gift we can give to other people.


My hope and prayer for YOU is, to become passionate about the Word of God. I would love to take YOU on the “Word by Heart”- journey and discover together the truth, joy, freedom and life the Word gives. So that you would be equipped to bring the Gospel of peace to the ends of the earth.

This is a tool for life, locking eyes with Jesus, diving into what he has for YOU. Let’s do it together.

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A Spring DTS Track
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