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About the Track



In this track, we want to encourage you girls to grow in God’s love. We will spend time in His presence, blessing and encouraging each other as a group. As we bless each other, we also want to work together, go on the streets of Skien and bless other women. And we will have time of sisterhood with fun, good food and coffee !! 

We as your staff want to create a safe space where you can be yourself and be free to talk about everything, our culture, our life and more. This track will be a place where you will grow in your relationship with God, have more confidence in your identity as daughter of the Lord and build friendships.  


There is set aside 3 hours in the schedule for this track every week.

So if you’re interested in knowing your identity in God, serving and blessing each other and other women in the city, making friends and having fun, join us !!

Image by Levi Guzman


A Spring DTS Track
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