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Motor & Missions DTS




In a Motor & Mission DTS you will get many weeks of solid and inspirational teaching,from people who live what they teach.
We will be equipped and inspired.

Together with our friends, that love driving, engines and action we will learn more about God and His purpose for our lives.

This DTS is the beginning of a new journey with God.

We want to be real with Him and learn to be guided by His Spirit in our daily lives, at work, in the garage, in our spare time

– no matter where we are or what we do.

We will spend a lot of time during the winter season to build cars, travel to different motor events, drive on ice and visit different youth groups.

We get to know God, and make Him known.


After lecture phase you will go on a two month long mission trip

to a country in Africa, Asia or South-America.

The outreach will be especially designed for people with practical skills.

This could include building houses, fixing/repairing things,

and helping give clean water to villages etc. 

There are great needs out there and your practical skills will be to such a blessing for the people in need!

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69 000 NOK

Price includes all costs for teachings, required books, meals, accommodation and Outreach expenses during the school.


Not included are potential expenses for visas and vaccinations.



January 2019


June 2019

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