About the Track

On this track, we will explore creativity in the area of music and drawing/painting. It is open for anyone who has a desire to learn more within these areas. Some of the track time will be spent on learning together, and a lot of it will be spent on exploring creativity and discovering our unique expressions in community. 


For the musicians, there will be a main project where you will get the chance to record in a studio. You need to bring your own instrument. 

For the painters and drawers, you will get the chance to make artwork that will be put on display in an exhibition in our own café here at our YWAM base!  

Three hours in the schedule every week is set off for track time, and one week during lecture phase we will travel to another location to meet people who have the same passion as us and to reach out using our gifts.   

Track Leaders

Hi! We are Vegard and Eva. We are from Norway, have been married 7 years, and have two daughters.


We have led worship since we were teenagers, and in the last years, God has taken us on a journey of exploring more creativity in worship. We believe our worship is extremely connected to our life stories and that God wants to awaken our hearts to bring Him glory in an explosion of different expressions. When we get in touch with our stories and our emotions, different expressions of worship will be born.


We are not made to express worship in the same way, but to be creative. God does not want us to be copies of one another, but He wants to awaken our creativity and passion. That is the journey we want to take you on together with us.   

Hey! My name is Bella. I’m from New Zealand but have been based in Norway since I did my DTS here in 2019.


While being in Skien I have learned so much about my passion for creativity and how God can awaken our inspiration. My confidence in drawing and painting started very small as I never could see myself as someone that could create something on paper that would be worth sharing. But, as I grew closer to God these fears started to melt away, soon I was seeing how much God loves to partner with us as we explore what it means to express ourselves creatively. 


The artistic process God can take you on makes space for so much freedom and joy, and it can all develop in ways you haven’t explored before.



A Spring DTS Track