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Our culture

It's what we carry


The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom 14,17). Expect to have lots of fun as you experience new levels of freedom in God, make new friends in community living, and travel the world! Doing DTS with us is fast-paced, but tons of fun.


We have the deep belief that life with Jesus is meant to be done together. Community is where we experience His grace, and where we get to pursue lives of holiness and integrity. We talk, pray, laugh, and encourage each other.  


We have tasted that Jesus is good (Psalm 34,8). Because we have experienced that His love is the only thing that satisfies us, we go out of our way to seek Him for more. Worship is central as we seek that our lives revolve around the presence of Jesus.  



We love seeing and experiencing the beauty of God in each nation with its nature and people, as we explore the local food, the greatest sights, and the city streets. We enjoy traveling, but we do not come as tourists staying in five-star hotels. We travel light, and are ready to serve, love, and meet people with the love of Jesus wherever we go.


We believe God has put us in our cities and neighborhoods to make a difference. We constantly seek new ways to interact and get engaged to see the Kingdom of God come, and dream of seeing people all over the world impacting their universities, workplaces, and other environments through the love of Jesus.

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