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Discipleship bible school

Do you want to get to know the Bible more?
Do you want to become better equipped to share God´s story?
Do you long to grow in how to apply and live out the Word of God in your own life?

Then a Discipleship Bible School (DBS) is a great place to continue what you started in your DTS!

(a completed DTS is required to do a DBS)

Through 12 weeks of DBS we will read the whole Bible story – all 66 books – chronologically together. Whether you have only read bits and pieces of the Bible before, or have read it all but have tons of questions, this school is for you! Our focus will be on God’s redemptive story. He has continually brought man back into right relationship with Him. But how does this apply to our lives today? This is a discipleship school where we let the Bible disciple us in community. We desire that the truth we are learning moves us into deeper intimacy with Jesus and transform us to become true worshipers in


Our daily small groups are the heartbeat of the school. There we read and study the Bible, discuss and share life together. You’ll be equipped to lead people in small groups with self-made inductive bible studies.

We will also have lecture times, self-studies, one-on-ones, and outreach in the community, etc.
You will learn more about how the books of the Bible fit into the bigger story, the historical setting, and the genre of each book. You will learn to understand the law, covenants, prophecy, and how Jesus fulfilled it all. As we read through the books of the Bible we study topics like leadership, worship, worldview, missions, and calling.

This school will make you better equipped to engage and apply the word of God to your own life and to pass it on to others.


The DBS is a registered course within the University of the Nations (UofN) and fulfills the requirements of an UofN Bible Core Course. A completed DTS is required.


September 7th – December 12th 2023 



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