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We believe God is on the move reaching the hearts of the youth generation in our time. This
generation knows less and has experienced less of the Christian message than the
generations before them. Many of them has not been exposed to a passionate life with
Christ. At the same time, we see a generation that give a wholehearted response when they
encounter Jesus.
We want to see this generation become passionate believers of Christ, activated, and
equipped to live for and with him. In school, in family life, in missions. In everything!
Youth Ignite is a ministry in YWAM Skien calling and equipping young people to live
wholehearted lives for Jesus.



26th of January – 4th of February we have our next Youth Ignite tour. We will travel between Skien and Stavanger and Skien and Oslo. Every night we will arrange youth ignite evenings in different churches where we call, inspire and challenge young people to encounter Jesus who gave everything for them and then give everything back to him.

Tour list will come soon, but if you are In that area and want us to come to your church those dates, please get in touch with us.


Every year we travel to visit different churches and youth groups for a few days at the time.  If you want us to visit you, contact us and we can make a plan. We want to invest in your youth and see them grow in their faith and discipleship. 

We come for free, but appreciate that you cover food, travel and accommodation. An offering to our ministry is optional.




We believe Jesus really wants to encounter and meet this generation teenagers. Every semester we invite young people to a Jesus night here at YWAM Skien. The location is the Methodist church where they saw a huge revival during the Jesus movement back in the days. And some of it came through simple Jesus’ nights worshipping Jesus together. We believe we can see something like that again. Powerful encounters with Jesus that ignites hearts to follow Jesus without excuse.



We help support many churches in our region. Some of our staff will come regularly to youryouth group, school group, confirmation work or club. We make individual agreements witheach group. We have a lot of requests, but we try to serve as many places as possible.

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